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If you want to transform your pool setting, the addition of a glass pool fence will provide a stunning and modern touch while also complying with WA pool fencing regulations. We specialise in frameless glass pool fencing, the ultimate option when it comes to glass pool fences.

We prefer a frameless vs semi-frameless glass pool fence as it has more benefits, such as unimpaired vision into pool areas and being easier to maintain.

What Makes Glass Pool Fencing the Ideal Choice?

When it comes to glass pool fencing, Perth residents often choose it because of its aesthetics. Glass fencing immediately enhances your pool setting and gives the impression of a bigger space. But they also meet all safety regulations, so you can have safety without sacrificing looks. 

Glass pool fences also are safer as they’re harder to climb compared to aluminium fences. And since you can see through them, it’s easier to keep tabs on the kids in the pool. It’s a win-win, and superior to aluminium when it comes to both safety and style.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Glass Pool Fence?

We Put Safety First

Safety is always our number one priority when we supply and install glass pool fencing. We take a lot of care to ensure your fence is fitted correctly and is fully compliant with Perth and Western Australian Pool Safety Regulations.

We Prioritise Quality Over Cost

Before settling on an installer for your glass pool fence, it’s smart to shop around, especially if budget is a big factor.

We’re straight with you – we might not offer the most affordable glass pool fencing service in Perth, but there’s solid reasoning behind this. We’ve been called upon numerous times to rectify the inadequacies of installations by other glass pool fencing companies, often involving substandard materials that fail to meet Australian standards.

Our emphasis is on delivering exceptional quality and service. We utilise the best quality products including both glass panels and fittings and our installers possess extensive expertise. While you may invest a bit more initially with our team, you can be assured everything’s done properly the first time around and your fencing will keep your family safe for many years.

Tailoring to Your Space

Got an unusual backyard layout? No worries. Our guys have many years of experience installing glass pool fencing on almost all surfaces or layouts. If you’re scratching your head over how a glass fence might fit your space, we’re here to offer clear-cut advice and custom design configuration options.

Regardless of your layout, we will always ensure that safety is at the forefront of any designs we recommend.

We Are Proactive

Before getting your pool fence installed, sometimes there are a few preliminary tasks that need to be taken care of. We make sure to call you well in advance of the installation date to schedule these tasks.

By doing this, we ensure that on the day of installation, everything is prepared and the process runs smoothly and efficiently. Your new glass pool fence in Perth will be up before you know it!

We Are Detail Oriented

Our approach combines professional service with a focus on the small details that are essential to achieving the best glass pool fencing. By using the highest quality materials and engaging in diligent workmanship, we aim to get everything right the first time.

Throughout the job, we’re committed to keeping you informed, making sure that nothing is too much trouble. We value collaboration, ensuring that the finished product meets your expectations.

Free Measure & Quote

At Diamond Glass Pool Fencing, we’re here to kick-start your project with a free measure and initial quote for Perth homes. Our team will come out, measure your space, and give you a no-strings-attached free quote.

If you have any questions or need some advice, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re here to assist you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Glass Is Used in Frameless Glass Pool Fencing?

In our frameless glass pool fencing, we use 12mm thick toughened safety glass for the panels and 10mm thick glass for the gates. This choice of glass ensures a sturdy and resilient barrier around your pool in the absence of vertical posts.

For those considering semi-frameless glass pool fence options, the glass panels are thinner, usually between 8mm to 10mm.

All the glass products in our fencing, both frameless and semi-frameless, comply with Australian standards, assuring you of a secure, safe, and elegant enclosure for your new pool. Our focus is on combining aesthetics with safety, providing an ideal solution for Perth homes.

Will the Glass Crack or Shatter?

No, the glass used in our glass balustrades and fencing is specifically hardened to resist cracking or shattering. Crafted to meet Australian standards, this toughened glass ensures both safety and durability.

In addition to being sturdy, glass fencing is regarded as one of the safest materials for pool enclosures due to the clear visibility it offers into the pool area and the absence of footholds that could facilitate climbing by children.

The same applies to glass balustrades. In Perth, the glass used in balustrades is toughened and designed to suit various balcony sizes and styles. Our glass balustrade service covers the professional installation of these balustrades, ensuring the job is done with precision for a seamless fit. Whether it’s for a balcony or staircase, choosing the right glass balustrade is essential for both safety and aesthetics.

What Surfaces Can Glass Pool Fencing Be Installed On?

Glass pool fencing can be installed on an extensive range of surfaces including limestone, concrete, pavers, tiles, and timber decking. Whether you are looking to install fencing around a new pool or revamp an existing pool area, our glass fencing is adaptable to different surface materials. This flexibility ensures that homes across Western Australia can benefit from the elegant and secure solution that our glass pool fencing in Perth offers.

How Is the Fence Secured to the Ground?

The fence is securely anchored to the ground using high-quality Duplex 2205 Spigots. To achieve this, drilling into the ground is necessary to create openings for the spigots. Once they are in place, quick-drying high-strength grout is applied to keep the spigots in place.

The glass fence panels are then expertly fitted into the spigots. This process ensures that the frameless glass pool fencing is sturdy and meets the set Australian standard.

How Much Maintenance Does a Glass Pool Fence Require?

Glass pool fencing, especially frameless glass pool fencing, requires minimal maintenance compared to alternatives like aluminium or semi-frameless glass. Since frameless glass fencing has fewer components, it’s easier to keep clean and pristine.

While low maintenance, it’s essential to occasionally clean the glass panels, spigots, gates, and hinges using our recommended products. This not only ensures that your fence looks fabulous but also maintains a clear view of the pool area, helping you keep an eye on your loved ones.

At your house, it’s about striking the right balance between aesthetics and safety and keeping the fence clean contributes to both. For detailed tips and recommendations on cleaning your glass fencing in Western Australia, we supply a handy guide on our website.

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