Which is the Safest Pool Fence?

There are advantages and disadvantages to every type of pool fence material, but safety should always be the number #1 consideration for pool owners.

According to Australian pool fencing regulations, all pool owners must have a safety barrier for both inground and inflatable pools. Regardless of the material, the pool barrier must be permanent and made from durable materials that meet Australian pool safety regulations.

We have compared the safety of the main fencing options used for swimming pools, aluminium and glass pool fencing. In our opinion, glass is the safest pool fence material and here is why.

Safe glass pool fencing


When comparing the visibility of glass fencing and aluminium fencing, glass is the clear winner when it comes to pool safety.

Glass fencing allows for uninterrupted views of your swimming pool or spa area. We specialise in frameless glass pool fencing as there are no posts, giving unimpaired observation of your pool area, almost as if the pool fence is invisible.

There is always the option for semi-frameless glass pool fencing, but when comparing a frameless vs semi-frameless pool fence, the full visibility of a frameless glass fence makes it the safer option.

Aluminium on the other hand provides poor visibility of the pool area. This makes it harder to supervise children from afar and respond to potential accidents or even emergencies.

aluminium pool fence


A big advantage of frameless glass fencing is there are no footholds or handholds. The glass panels are smooth with nowhere to grip on to, making the fence and pool gate unclimbable. On the other hand, some designs of aluminium fences can be climbable. The vertical bars which are necessary for the structure of some aluminium fencing can be climbed.


Many people are afraid that glass pool fences will crack or shatter. This will not happen as glass fencing panels are made from toughened 12mm thick safety glass.

As long as your fencing comes from a reputable supplier and is installed to Australian standards, your glass will not crack or shatter. You could kick a ball into it or accidentally run into it (It happens, they are almost invisible) and it shouldn’t break.

Glass is also more resistant to the weather and will not rust or warp. In contrast, aluminium isn’t as durable and is prone to bending over time. This makes aluminium fencing less safe as time goes on.

Adult Supervision is Key To Avoid Tragic Accidents

Remember that pool fences are for preventing access to young children. No matter how safe your pool barrier is, the single most important safety measure against drowning accidents is adult supervision. Never leave your pool area unsupervised.

What Can I Do To Make My Pool Fence Safer?

As a pool owner, there are several things you can do to increase the effectiveness of your pool fence.

Ensure that no climbable objects are placed within the climbable zone of your pool area, this includes both the outside and inside of the barrier. Climbable objects are things such as pot plants, trees, bbq, outdoor furniture and even toys.

When landscaping your yard be mindful of planting anything that will obstruct your pool area and create blind spots.

Perform regular checks on your fencing to check for issues such as chips or cracks in the glass panels, or the gate not self-closing and self-latching. Check for loose glass panels or fence posts, broken bars, and any broken hardware.

If you choose glass, ensure you are regularly cleaning your glass pool fencing to maximise visibility so you can effectively supervise.

Always Use A Reputable Pool Fencing Company

The age group most at risk of drowning are children ages 0 – 5. Sadly, drowning rates have increased in Western Australia, with 40 per cent of toddler drowning deaths occurring in swimming pools.

There are lots of things to get right when installing a pool fence, so hiring an inexperienced pool fence installer on the cheap could cost lives.

For example, some mistakes include too larger gaps between the bars or panels, inadequate spacing between footholds and handholds, a gate that doesn’t self-latch, the latch in the incorrect position that children can reach, and the gate opening the wrong way. These are just some mistakes that can compromise the safety of your pool fence.

Cost should never come before safety. Even if you have to spend slightly more, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your pool has been installed to meet Australian safety standards.

Diamond Glass Pool Fencing Installation Van

How to Choose Reputable Pool Fence Installers

Do some research on pool fencing companies in your area. Check their reviews on Facebook and Google, and ask family and friends for referrals. Look for a specialist with lots of experience in the type of pool fencing material you prefer.

Ensure the materials come with manufactures certificates stating they comply with Australian Standards relevant to Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Safety Barriers.

At Diamond Glass Pool Fencing, we’ve installed glass pool fencing in thousands of homes across Perth. We always put safety first, ensuring that your fence is fitted correctly and meets all WA pool fencing regulations.

Our glass pool fence installation service is also priced to reflect our level of skill and service. We’ve attended many repair jobs to fix the botched jobs done by other companies, where the materials and installations don’t meet pool fencing laws.

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