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Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Perth & Western Australia

At Diamond Glass Pool Fencing, we supply and install luxurious frameless glass pool fencing across Perth and Western Australia. Glass fencing will make your house stand out while ensuring security for your family.

We use durable 12mm thick glass panels that not only will transform your pool area but meet all Western Australia Pool Fencing Regulations.

We specialise in frameless pool fencing as it enhances the overall aesthetics of your entertaining area while maintaining safety. In 2017 we were the SPASAWA gold winner for the best design and installation services of a glass pool fence in Western Australia.

Why Choose a Frameless Pool Fence Over Semi-Frameless?

Unlike other Perth pool fencing companies, we only offer frameless pool fencing. This makes it one of the safest pool fence options as it allows for unimpaired supervision of your pool area. Upon completion of your glass fencing, we provide you with a safety compliance certificate.

Also, due to less hardware compared to a semi-frameless fence, it’s low maintenance. And since frameless is the pinnacle of stylish modern pool fence design, it makes sense to only supply and install the best of the best.

This ultra-modern full-view display does come at a higher cost than any deal you’ll get on other types of pool fencing. This is because the glass is thicker and the installation is more labour-intensive. The glass panels are thicker to make up for the lack of support posts between panels.

The glass used on frameless fences still meets all Australian standards and the exceptional quality of the glass and hardware will last for many years.

For a full comparison of why we prefer frameless, check out our blog frameless vs semi-frameless pool fence.

Why Choose Us to Install Your Glass Pool Fence?

Safety is Our Top Priority

While many people opt for glass fencing without a frame because of the unobstructed views of the pool and backyard, the most important decision-making factor should always be safety.

Frameless glass fencing meets all Western Australian Pool Safety Regulations and council approval requirements. Your family’s safety is our main priority, and we take immense care to ensure your fence is fitted properly the first time. 

We Prioritise Quality Over Cost

We’ll be honest – we’re not the cheapest installer in Perth. Frameless fencing installations are pricier than semi-frameless and other styles of pool fencing but for good reasons. We use high-quality glass and don’t cut corners. Our prices reflect our skills, quality products, and the top-notch professional service we provide.

We’ve seen and fixed the problems that can come from going cheap – it’s just not worth it in the long run. Especially with the materials and installation do not meet professional Australian standards and put your family at risk.

Our amazing team nails installations from the get-go, and you can count on your quality fence standing strong for years.

We Can Work With Any Layout

We are flexible and can adapt to any layout. If your backyard calls for custom glass panels to meet safety requirements, our team can handle it and provide a clear cost estimate for the job to be completed. We also offer planning assistance and advice on design adjustments to lower installation costs and provide an affordable deal without compromising safety standards.

Lifetime Warranty On All Fittings

Our fittings and latches for fences and gates come with an amazing lifetime warranty cover, reflecting their high quality and durability. Proper care ensures an even longer lifespan. Additionally, we offer repair services for glass pool fences. We can repair your glass fence, gate, balcony, or glass balustrade, even if it wasn’t installed by us. If you encounter issues like rust or anything else on your fencing or balcony give us a call for a free on-site inspection.

Free & Honest Quotes 

We provide no-obligation-free measure and quote.

Our professional team will visit your premises, take precise measurements, and thoroughly assess your space as a part of our service. With detailed insights, we’ll present an exhaustive free quote and guide you through the nuances of the process our guys will take to get the job done.

This empowers you to make a well-informed decision about the suitability of glass pool fencing for your property, without any commitments.

Additionally, we extend this free quotation service for glass balustrade projects, catering to balconies and staircases.

Book Free Measure & Quote

Need Inspiration for Your Pool Area?

We’ve successfully completed a variety of glass pool fencing projects in Perth, Western Australia. Take a look at our website gallery and Facebook page to see examples of our fencing work and gather ideas to suit your pool and outdoor space.

We also suggest checking out photos of semi-frameless fencing projects to clearly understand the differences.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does Frameless Glass Pool Fencing Cost?

The cost varies for each project due to individual specifications. Influencing factors include:

  • Size of the area
  • Choice of hardware, with options in finishes and colours.
  • Location-specific requirements, such as corrosion-resistant materials for coastal areas.
  • Necessity for custom panels in unconventional spaces.

We offer a complimentary measurement and quotation service to provide you with a precise cost breakdown upfront.

Will the Glass Crack or Shatter?

No, the glass panels are of the highest quality and built for durability. Made from 12 mm thick safety glass and specially hardened, they are designed to resist cracking or shattering. Whether it’s a ball kicked against it or someone accidentally running into it (which can happen since they’re so clear), the panels are made to withstand the impact without breaking.

What Surfaces Can a Frameless Glass Fence Be Installed On?

Frameless glass fencing can be installed on:

  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Tiles
  • Timber Decking

If you are unsure about if we can install a frameless fence in the area you want it, simply get in touch and our guys can let you know if it’s possible.

How Is the Fence Secured to the Ground if Posts Are Not Used?

Frameless fences are held in place using top-notch Duplex 2205 Spigots instead of posts. This ensures the panels stay secure while offering a clear view of your pool and backyard. To install the spigots, we drill holes in the ground and use quick-drying, high-strength grout to firmly anchor them in place.

Do the Spigots Get Rusty Overtime?

All of our fences are supplied with top of the range Duplex 2205 Spigots that are corrosion resistant and made to Australian standard. This means they can withstand the splashes of pool water and the general wear that happens in outdoor areas.

At What Stage Should You Have Your Glass Pool Fence Installed?

It’s best that we install your fence after the pool and tiling/or other flooring materials are finished. We can however be involved in the planning stages for landscaping the area. We have worked with many landscaping companies to ensure your fence will suit perfectly within the overall designs for the outdoor area while keeping with Australian standards. Additionally, we can assist with permit applications and paperwork for council approval.

How Much Maintenance Does a Frameless Glass Pool Fence Require?

Frameless glass fences, with their minimal hardware and absence of posts, are low-maintenance and easy to clean. Regular upkeep, including cleaning the glass, hinges, gates, and spigots with the right techniques and products, will keep your fence looking pristine. For detailed maintenance tips, refer to our handy guide on cleaning glass pool fencing.

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