Warranty and Standards

Warranty and Standards

Australian standards set out the specifications and design procedures to ensure goods and services consistently perform in the way they are intended.

They specify requirements to achieve minimum objectives of safety, quality, and performance of a product or service.

At Diamond Glass Pool Fencing we accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for earthing, as we are not qualified to comment or address any potential problem.

Diamond Glass Pool Fencing provides a lifetime warranty on all hardware including hinges, latches, and fittings.

* Conditions Apply

Toughened safety glass is much stronger than ordinary glass and can shatter into small relatively harmless pieces when broken.

Spontaneous glass fracture is a very rare phenomenon whereby toughened glass may break without any apparent reason.

Spontaneous glass fracture is NOT covered by our warranty.

* All hardware must be maintained as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Why do Spontaneous Breakages occur?

On rare occasions, toughened glass can break for what seems to be no apparent reason. A variety of contaminants in the raw stock can lead to problems either during or subsequent to the toughening process. An investigation into some instances of spontaneous breakage has identified an impurity in the glass called nickel sulphide or NSI (Nickel Sulphide Inclusion) as the cause.

Microscopic nickel sulphide stones are a rare, undetectable contaminant in raw glass stock. The heating and rapid surface cooling processes of glass toughening is believed to change nickel sulphide stones from a stable to an unstable state. Heat soaking is a method used to lower the chances of spontaneous breakage.

Pool and Spa Safety Standards and Guidelines

In Western Australia, the design, construction, and installation of private swimming and spa pools and their safety barriers are subject to strict building requirements under the Building Regulations 2012 (the Regulations). Owners and occupiers also have ongoing legal obligations to maintain their safety barriers at all times. On 1 May 2016, the Regulations relating to private swimming and spa pools changed.

There are specific laws in Western Australia that mandate the installation of safety barriers to enclose private swimming and spa pools. The laws are intended to protect the safety of young children by restricting their access to the area containing the swimming or spa pool. Make sure you are aware of the rules for pools and spas HERE.

Local authorities will check your fencing for its product certification to ensure that the barrier components are in fact certified and compliant with AS1926.1 – Safety Barriers for Pools and Spas.

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