The Best Pool Fence Ideas

If you’re looking to install a pool fence on your property, we believe that a frameless glass pool fence is a clear winner every time.

However, the best pool fence ideas for you might depend on your taste, budget, and your outdoor area.

There are a range of different options available for pool fencing including:

Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fencing comes in two different forms: frameless and semi-frameless.

Both frameless and semi-frameless are tempered glass fences. This makes them one of the strongest and safest forms of swimming pool fencing, as they’re able to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Here are the differences between the two types:

Frameless Glass

pool fence ideas using glass

Frameless glass pool fences have no posts between each glass panel and are held in place with spigots (which come in silver or black) that are drilled into the ground and cemented in place.

Semi-Frameless Glass

pool fence ideas using semi frameless glass

Semi-frameless glass pool fences use aluminium powder-coated or stainless steel posts to support and hold together the glass panels.


pool fence ideas using Aluminium

Aluminium pool fences come in a range of different styles and colours with individual panels that connect via aluminium fence posts.

Other Materials

There are many other pool fence materials available, such as mesh fences, wood fencing, vinyl fencing, laser-cut metal fencing (visible in the image above next to frameless glass fencing), and more.

These options are far less popular pool fence ideas as they all tend to obstruct the view of the pool area quite dramatically, particularly in comparison to glass pool fencing.

What are the Most Popular Pool Fence Ideas?

The three most popular pool fence ideas are frameless glass, semi-frameless glass, and aluminium.

Let’s take a closer look at these 3 types of pool fencing and compare them in terms of safety, aesthetics, and affordability.

Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

The top of our list for the best pool fence ideas is frameless glass pool fencing.

There are a number of other reasons that this style of pool fence has become so popular:


The number one priority when it comes to pool fencing ideas should always be safety.

In our opinion, a frameless glass fence is the safest pool fence.

Here’s why:

Not climbable

Unlike a metal pool fence, a glass fence has a climb-proof design that cannot be scaled by children, making it a safer option.

There are no footholds or handholds and the glass panels are smooth with nowhere to grip onto.

It’s important however to ensure that there are no climbable objects placed next to fences, such as pot plants, chairs, scalable walls etc.

Unobstructed views

Being able to see into the pool area clearly is essential for safety reasons when children are using them.

A frameless glass fence provides an unobstructed view.

To keep those views crystal clear and ensure that the safety of your fencing is maintained, it’s important to keep up with regular glass pool fence maintenance and keep trees and tall pot plants clear of your line of sight.


The glass used to make frameless panels is extremely durable, in fact, glass is more durable than other materials commonly used for pool fences.

Tempered glass is designed to withstand extremes in both the temperature and weather conditions, such as heat, cold, and wind, as well as to survive being run into your children or pets, meaning you don’t need to be concerned about breakages.


As well as improving the safety of your swimming pool with an unobstructed view, frameless glass is a perfect choice aesthetically for that same reason.

It’s likely that you’ve just spent thousands on a pool and landscaping to create a beautiful space in your yard.

Or, if you’re lucky enough to have a stunning view of the surrounding landscape like the one pictured above, you don’t want anything blocking that, do you?

A frameless glass fence is practically invisible and immediately enhances your swimming pool area.

It lets in natural light and gives the impression of a larger pool space.


While a frameless glass fence may not be the cheapest fence option, it’s a common misconception that frameless glass pool fences are difficult to maintain, and many people aren’t sure how to clean glass pool fencing.

In fact, frameless glass is actually more low maintenance than semi-frameless glass as it has less hardware.

Glass is also more resistant to the weather than aluminium and will not warp over time as an aluminium pool fence may, meaning potentially fewer costs on repairs and upkeep.

glass pool fencing with posts

Semi-Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

While we prefer a frameless vs semi frameless pool fence, the semi-frameless is still a popular choice for many pool owners.


A semi-frameless pool fence is just as safe as a frameless pool fence, making it one of the safest options for your backyard pool.

Although slightly thinner than frameless glass, semi-frameless glass still remains one of the most durable, safe options.


As with frameless, a semi-frameless glass pool fence is a great choice if you want a clear view of your swimming pool area.

While it is not practically invisible like frameless glass fencing is, the posts don’t particularly obstruct the view but, in our opinion, they do have a less modern and glamorous appeal than the frameless.


Semi-frameless glass fencing is a more budget-friendly option than a frameless glass swimming pool fence, although not quite as low maintenance or stylish.

This is due to the glass being less thick than frameless, which needs that extra thickness to compensate for the lack of posts supporting it.

Despite this, it is still very durable and an excellent option to consider when looking at pool fence ideas.

Aluminium Pool Fencing


A metal pool fence that has been installed correctly by a professional will be very safe and up to Australian standards.

It is important to note, however, that incorrectly installed metal fences may be able to be climbed by children, as a metal fence is easier to get a grip on than a glass pool fence. Other considerations are the distance between the bars, their height, and the positioning of the gate lock.


Aluminium fences come in a range of styles and colours meaning there are plenty of options to find something that matches your house whilst complimenting your backyard space.

Just some of the more popular options include a basic flattop design (pictured above), a loop top (pictured in the blog introduction), and a loop and spear (pictured below).

By no means is an aluminium fence an ‘eye sore’, but it can somewhat diminish the view of the pool area, which is both an aesthetic and safety consideration depending on the shape of your pool area.

Unlike a glass fence, metal fencing does limit the visibility of the pool area and there is the possibility of blind spots.


Aluminium fencing remains a popular choice from an affordability standpoint as the material is more budget-friendly than glass and installation costs are generally lower.

Need Inspiration?

It’s a great idea to browse fencing projects so that you can get an idea about all of the different options and what might work best for your house.

We have completed many pool fencing projects across Perth and have a gallery and Facebook page with examples of our work that you can browse to get inspiration for your pool area.

Glass Pool Fence Installers

Whichever material and pool fence style you decide on, make sure you hire a professional and experienced pool fencing company to complete the job.

At Diamond Glass Pool Fencing, we use the highest quality materials that comply with Australian standards and employ only the most experienced fence installers who are experts on pool fence requirements.

Our unmatched experience means we know all the WA pool fencing regulations like the back of our hand so you can rest easy knowing that our work is up to Australian standards.

We also offer a no-obligation free measure and quote. We will come to you, measure and assess your area and provide an accurate quote and walk you through what’s involved to make your pool fence ideas a reality.

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