Glass Pool Fence Maintenance

Glass Pool Fencing Maintenance

While glass pool fencing is relatively low maintenance, to keep it looking sleek and new it needs to be looked after and maintained.  Regular glass pool fence maintenance is needed on both your frameless glass pool fence panels and stainless steel spigots.

The quality of our glass panels and hardware will help to ensure your jobs aren’t too arduous and time-consuming. You will still need to do some maintenance and we are here to offer you some advice on maintaining the pool fence yourselves with more ease.

Lifetime Warranty On All Fittings & Latches

Our fittings and latches have a lifetime warranty because we absolutely back their quality and we know they will last. However, just like anything, they last longer when looked after well.

We also offer maintenance and glass pool fencing repairs on fences we didn’t install. If you have had your glass pool fence installed by another company and you have found rust on the hardware, please just give us a call and we’ll come out and fix this for you.

Keeping Your Glass Panels Streak Free

Our secret to super clean glass and minimal effort is to apply a protective glass coating.

We recommend a product called EnduroShield©. This is by far the best glass protection product on the market, reducing cleaning by 90%.

EnduroShield© is an investment that pays for itself leaving you more time to enjoy your pool vs cleaning the fence. It is a non-stick protective coating that can be applied to glass, tile, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces. By applying it to your glass fencing and steel pegs shortly after your glass pool fence installation, your fencing will become much more resistant to dirt and grime. 

One application lasts up to three years. At the time of quoting you, we will ask if you’d like to have us apply EnduroShield© for you. If you already have a glass pool fence installed, we can still apply it at any point, even if we weren’t the ones to originally install the fence.

Another tip for keeping your glass pool fence clean is to ensure your retic points away from your fence where possible. If your retic splashes on the panels during hot parts of the day, you will get more marks on the glass. If you are establishing a lawn next to your pool fence you will be using the retic more often. In this instance, we recommend covering your panels with a plastic sheet until your lawn is established and you are watering less frequently.

Keeping Your Spigots Sparkly

Contaminants such as chemicals and minerals in pool water can cause stainless steel products to appear ‘tea stained’, discoloured and even to corrode without a proper maintenance program in place. 

If your spigots are starting to look dirty or discoloured, to get them sparkly again we recommend applying Autosol stainless steel care products. Made in Germany, these are premium quality products providing superior steel cleaning ability and protection.  They also work well on other steel appliances in and around your home.

Steps for Cleaning Your Duplex 2205 Spigots and Fixtures

  1. Apply Autosol Stainless Steel Power Cleaner onto the dirty surface and rub off with a cloth or sponge.
  2. Apply Autosol Metal Polish Liquid and rub off with a dry cloth to maintain shine and protection.
  3. Do steps 1 & 2 once per month to guarantee shine and protection.

Steps for Removing Heavy Corrosion, Rust & Stains

  1. Apply Autosol Metal Lifesaver to remove heavy stains. Follow instructions on the back for how long to leave it on.  Rinse with water after application. Re-apply in extreme cases.
  2. Apply Autosol Metal Liquid Polish and rub off with a dry cloth.

DISCLAIMER: Diamond Glass Pool Fencing is not affiliated with Autosol. We encourage you to also read the recommended application details on the product bottles. 

Diamond Glass Pool Fencing is only making a recommendation on what we find works well for pool fencing steel spigots installed by us, and does not take responsibility for any product choices and application errors.

Glass Pool Fence Maintenance Packages

We receive a lot of interest for pool fence maintenance from real estate agents who manage home rentals with swimming pools. Now we are opening this pool fencing maintenance service to all pool owners who simply do not have the time or the inclination to follow the maintenance steps suggested above. 

At Diamond Glass Pool Fencing we offer regular glass pool fencing maintenance, even if it isn’t a glass pool fence we have installed. By requesting one of our maintenance packages you will receive the following service every 3 months.

  • Cleaning the glass panels (front & back)
  • Cleaning of spigots 
  • Cleaning of hardware
  • Checking for safety issues that need to be repaired

Our pricing is based on a metre rate for both sides. A minimum charge of $200 + GST for up to 10 metres, and then $15 + GST per metre thereafter. Please measure the length of your frameless glass pool fence to gain your quote.

PRICE GUIDE (GST exclusive)

  • 10 metres or less $200
  • 15 metres $240
  • 20 metres $280
  • 25 metres $320
  • 30 metres $380
  • 35 metres $420

How To Book Our Glass Pool Fence Maintenance Service

By using our online form below, please enter all the fields provided.

  1. Simply choose the size of your pool fence to gain the correct pricing.
  2. Your prefered start date which we will also confirm back to you.
  3. State any special instructions regarding animals and access to the property.
  4. Submit the form and you will receive a confirmation email on the next steps.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I Need to Be Home When You Come Around?

    No – As long as we can access the property with ease you won’t be required to be there. As a courtesy we will send you an SMS reminder confirming the date and time of your next maintenance date 10 working days prior, and also 5 working days prior. If you need to change the booking please call us on (08) 6202 0000.

    Will You Still Come Out if We Have Dogs?

    Yes – We recommend you find another area of your property to put your dog or perhaps tie them up if you think they may get upset or aggressive. We will not enter your property if we don’t feel safe to do so.

    How Do You Prefer Payment?

    We will set you up on a direct debit system using your credit card so you don’t need to worry about leaving cash, or submitting payment each and every time.

    What if I Need to Cancel?

    We can accept cancellations any time without charging you a cancellation fee as long as you give us a minimum of 5 working days notice. Cancellations outside of the notice period will incur a cancellation fee of $20 + GST. 

    Please also advise us via phone or email if this is a once-off cancellation due to whatever reason or complete cancellation of the ongoing glass pool fence maintenance service so that we can make the appropriate changes to your billing.

    Why Should I Get Professional Glass Pool Fence Maintenance?

    Having your glass pool fence maintained professionally not only keeps it looking great, it prolongs the life of the glass and hardware. Most importantly, a professional will check at each service that your glass pool fence abides by WA pool fencing regulations, to keep your family safe.

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