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    DIY Maintenance

    Here are some quick ideas on how you can maintain your glass fence and stainless steel around your swimming pool area.

    Tips to Keep Your Glass Pool Fence Clean

    • Don’t use a regular glass cleaner as the residue it leaves behind can never be fully eliminated.
    • Hot water and dishwashing detergent is the most cost-effective and proven method.
    • After washing, use a hose to remove any suds.
    • Use a good quality squeegee to remove excess water.

    Keep Your Frameless Glass Pool Fence Protected With EnduroShield©

    EnduroShield© is a non-stick protective coating that can be applied to glass, tile, ceramic and stainless steel surfaces. By applying it to your glass fencing and steel pegs shortly after installation, your fencing will become much more resistant to dirt and grime.

    Just by using EnduroShield© from the start, you’ll reduce your cleaning time by up to 90%.

    With this and additional protection against staining from mineral deposits and salt corrosion, EnduroShield© is an investment that pays for itself leaving you more time to enjoy your outdoor fun around the pool.

    Contact us for more information on EnduroShield©.

    How to Keep Your Steel Spigots Sparkly And Protected

    Contaminants can cause stainless steel products to appear ‘tea stained’, discoloured and even to corrode without the proper maintenance program in place. You would only clean the spigots when they appear dirty by using what we recommend from AUTOSOL Stainless Steel Care Products. Made in Germany, these are premium quality products providing superior steel cleaning ability and protection. So you may also use them on other steel appliances in and around your home.


    pool fence spigot cleaner

    STEP 1: Apply AUTOSOL STAINLESS STEEL POWER CLEANER onto the dirty surface and rub off with a cloth or sponge.

    Spigot metal polish

    STEP 2: Apply AUTOSOL METAL POLISH LIQUID and rub of with a dry cloth to maintain shine and protection. Monthly application to guarantee shine and protection.




    metal life saver polish


    STEP 1: Apply AUTOSOL METAL LIFESAVER to remove heavy stains. Rinse with water after application. Re-apply in extreme cases.

    STEP 2: Apply AUTOSOL METAL LIQUID POLISH and rub off with a dry cloth.

    To save money you might like to check out the AUTOSOL KIT, and happy cleaning.

    DISCLAIMER: Diamond Glass Pool Fencing is not affiliated with Autosol. We encourage you to also read the recommended application details on the product bottles. Diamond Glass Pool Fencing is only making a recommendation on what we find works well for your pool fencing steel spigots, and do not take responsibility for any product choices and application errors.