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    Sneeze Guards

    Protect Your Employees From Contagious Health Hazards With Custom Made Glass Protection Screens

    You will lower the risk to yourselves and your customers by still maintaining a personable customer approach in whichever service industry you may be in.

    There are many in retailers opting to use plastic or transparent acrylic sheeting for sneeze guards. If this is you as you are trying to save a buck, well I think you will find frameless glass will not be that much more of an investment.

    Toughened glass is far superior when it comes to hygiene and aesthetics. With glass we can cut and design to suit your reception or retail countertop with the best quality frameless glass. And you will want it there for a lifetime! So it needs to pass the test of time if you want to make your sneeze screen a long term decision for your business.

    The price difference between plastic and glass is going to differ ofcourse. Why? Glass is tougher and will look transparent (see-through) for a lot longer than the see through acrylic products, so it’s far superior at looking clear and brilliant for a lot longer. Glass won’t scratch compared to the inferior acrylic sneeze barriers that are out on the market today.