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Frameless glass

Pool fencing that looks appealing and meets the required safety standards. We only specialise in frameless glass because we believe it looks the best and it is easy to maintain. It is always best to use a quality installer to ensure the safety of your family and friends.

What is a Frameless Glass Pool Fence?

A frameless glass pool fence uses stainless steel spigots for support. Glass panels are held in place to create a transparent barrier around your pool area.

With the steel spigots creating a stable base, this allows for connected fencing made entirely of glass more durable than standard window glass. These panels create a seamless outdoor fence that provides a stunning view of your pool area, as well as the functionality of a standard fence.

About Frameless Glass Materials

  • 12mm thickness for strength, durability and Quality Standards
  • Hardened glass to prevent shattering
  • Meets local council regulations

Frameless Glass Fencing vs. Traditional Fencing

Using frameless glass allows for unimpaired observation of your pool area, and in many ways it will be like the fence is invisible. It keeps your pool area safe and secure when unattended whilst providing an amazing look to your outdoor space.

It is also considered an exterior design feature and will add value to your home. It opens and expands your inside and outside view, whilst providing a visually appealing and modern touch to your home’s architecture. Maintaining frameless glass is easy and installation with our qualified pool fencing installers will ensure your environment is safe.

The combination of water and the frameless glass offers elegance and a touch of luxury to your home. Alternative fencing materials while practical and functional, do not offer a high end finish to your outdoor pool entertaining area quite like frameless glass.

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